Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vacation LCS!

Hey, everyone. So, it's been a while since I've last posted. Nonetheless, I have been very busy but have also made time to go on vacation to Florida for the next week! I'll be taking a trip to the LCS in the Sarasota area called "The Catcher's Mitt", and later on I'll be sure to do a review, and post the haul. Also, I'd like to try to compare it to other card stores I've visited before. I'm hoping that because I'm so far from Massachusetts I might find some Red Sox cards on the cheap, but knowing the luck I have that probably won't happen.
I ripped a Hobby pack of 2012 Topps the other day for Easter, and I would say the highlight was a dual "Timeless Talents" card of Edgar Martinez and David Ortiz highlighting the best DH's of all time. It was pretty neat, and obviously a welcome addition to my Red Sox PC. I'm hoping, if time allows, to take a tour of the Red Sox new Spring Training Facility "JetBlue Park", and maybe catch an Extended Spring Training game (Carl Crawford, Andrew Miller, and Rich Hill are still down here for that!). I might do video break when I get home, but don't hold your breath because I'll probably just post mobile photos (no scanner in Florida). Also, be sure to check out the Panini website soon, because our blog is going to be added to their blogroll! Pretty exciting news!

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