Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 Topps Museum Collection

2012 Topps Museum Collection is live and I am loving it. I am going to have to get a box of this stuff because it is nasty. The patches are much better in this year's version and I love the design. The deign reminds me of a mid 2000's Upper Deck like product. This year, there are four packs per box with one with one hit per pack. The hits include quad relics, archival autographs, jumbo jerseys, and jumbo bats. Chase cards include rare cut signatures, booklets, and "Museum Collection" autographs.

This is a preview image of what this year's Museum Collection autos look like. I think they are cool, but I think last year's design was much better. I was fortunate enough to pull one last year out of my one box of Marquee.

The thing I don't like about this year's is the different color variations. I would prefer if they did one gold version numbered to ten like last year. I think the black defeats the purpose of having a metal frame. I also just dislike the general design. Perhaps they look better in person because even though last year's look great in photo form, they look much cooler in person. Other than this, I think the other designs are a huge upgrade from last year.

2012 Topps Museum Collection: Great Product or Fail?

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