Friday, March 9, 2012

2012 Topps Tribute

2012 Topps Tribute is starting to be opened by collectors everywhere, and I am getting excited. These cards are beautiful, the best design I have seen since UD stopped making baseball. Since Topps has been a monopoly, I haven't really been thrilled with many products, but this product is really special. I especially love the on card autos and the World Series relics. Another huge plus for me is that they are encapsulated.

The only con for me is the value. The checklist isn't as good as last years, and its tough to buy a box of this for $300 only to pull a couple $20 autos and a few $10 jerseys. I this was $150, I would definately buy some but at double that there is no way me or the "average collector" could afford it.