Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tons of New Cards!

I will start with the worst, and get progressively better. I will start off with just a jersey card. It is okay, but unfortunately it was creased in the mail. This was not the sender's fault, as it was sent in a bubble mailer, but oh well.

Yay, another creased jersey card, only this time it was the sender's fault. Sent via PWE! I just love getting creased cards for my PC! When will people learn that you can send thick cards in a PWE?

Here are some new 1/1 printing plates. I got 2 of them in a trade from Beckett, and I bought 1 on ebay. I finally have some more magenta!

Now here come my personal favorites from this batch. Two patch cards from the new triple threads. Both numbered to 3.


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