Saturday, November 12, 2011

Miami Marlins: What Do You Think?

As we all know, the Marlins are moving to Miami and have decided to get all new jerseys and hats. They are as follows...

BP Jersey

Alternate Jersey

Away Jersey

Home Jersey

BP Hat

Away Hat

Home Hat

Thoughts and Opinions:

-I like the orange hat and jersey the best.

-I am not a fan of the home and away jerseys.

-The jerseys aren't gramatically correct (plural of Marlin is Marlin, not Marlins) (no, I'm not an English teacher).

-I don't understand why they changed their name, colors, ect. They are still in Florida after all.

-The logo doesn't really scream Marlins to me. If you squint, it kind of almost looks like a rainbow fish.

-They are a little to Rainbowey. They look like a minor league team's uniform/ colors.

-"To me its like a Mini Cooper. I think they are cool as hell, but I would never be caught dead in one"- Member

Now that I've shared my thoughts and opinions, I would like to here yours. Please coment below with you thoughts and opinions of the new Miami Marlins, and I will add them to a later post of readers opinions. Also, comment if you like them or not and I will tally the total to see if people generally like them or dislike them.


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  1. Meh...The Mini Cooper comment pretty much sums it up for me...