Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Huge New Pickups

This is the 2011 Allen and Ginter N43 relic of Kevin Youkilis 24/25. It is really nice and is my first hand numbered Youk, and my second hand numbered in my entire collection with the other being my James Naismith auto. My only concern is how the card is going to be shipped to me because I am not sure they make toploaders this size. I can't wait to get this one in the mail.

This beauty is the Black Diamond Die Cut of Kevin Youkilis. These cards are only avalible through the Diamond Giveaway website, however this is a live copy. It is 56/60, and it looks pretty sweet. This is the second one I have seen on ebay, but the first one sold for $99.99, so it was out of my price range. I snagged this one for $24.99 plus shipping. It will look great next to my regular Die Cut of Youk.

I also visited Alex MVP's while I was in New York, so when I get my scanner running, I will post the results. Nothing too exciting, but it was a fun side trip.

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