Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ellsbury Custom

In honor of Jacoby Ellsbury being selected to his first career All-Star game, I made a Custom TPP 2011 "On Fire!" Insert.

On a side note, take a serious look at the career of Jacoby Ellsbury. This is currently his fifth year in the major leagues, all of which have been played with Boston, and he had put up remarkable numbers through the first three seasons of his career. However, last year he had a collision with Adrian Beltre in foul territory while chasing after a fly ball, and he missed nearly every game of the season with several fractured ribs. He had two attempted comebacks during the year, yet always ended up back on the DL by somehow reaggrivating it. The way he plays is an all-out style of baseball. You see Jacoby diving all over the field to snag balls that would be out of reach for virtually any outfielder in baseball, except for players such as Carl Crawford. His body takes such a beating with his style of playing that its no wonder he could never successfuly stage a comeback last year. The fans in Boston began to question his toughness and will after he sat out many roadtrips and supposedly didn't want to play hurt. His own teammates even made comments questioning his fortitude. But before he left for the offseason, he made a promise to the fans in Boston; he promised he would be back and better than ever the following year. Whether he did this for himself as a pride thing or to show the media and fans that he could still play to his full potential, we will never know. Regardless, he has came through on his promise. This year, he is batting .309 with 11 HR's and 48 RBI's and has stolen28 bases. The standard sports cliche is that you let your playing do the talking to shut other people up, and that's a cliche Jacoby clearly acts upon.

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