Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Momentous Milestone

Hey, guys. The Pack Prodigy here with 20youksox, and, as his name implies, 20youksox is an avid Kevin Youkilis collector. And, tonight, after several trades, he has reached a momentous milestone that I am proud to have been here with him to be a part of and oversee: his 100th Kevin Youkilis card! Now.........the moment we've all be waiting patiently for.......I think I'm going to need Bullwinkle for help on this one...
"And now, for something we hope you'll really like!". Never gets old.....
Kevin Youkilis card #100!

Not only that, but we also made a huge trade with benefits to 20youksox's Youk PC and my Pedroia and Lester PC, and with several others to go along!

I'll have a post on those cards tomorrow, as will 20youksox. Thanks, guys.
Keep Breakin'

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