Monday, October 14, 2013

Showing Off Some Cards: Sell High (?) Edition

Hey, everyone. As we are in the heart of the MLB postseason, I figured it's a good time to showcase some of my better cards of some current or all-too-recent postseason heroes. Whether they're pulls or pickups, they're all cards that I have in my possession. I'll include a little description of the card and how I got it below the image. Enjoy!  

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Max Scherzer Autograph
I pulled this little gem out of an overpriced rack pack at a local Bob's Store. This statement may be relative, but if you consider 7 dollars overpriced, then we have some common ground. Interestingly enough, Bob's Store is a department store that specializes in clothing and shoes. While back to school shopping a few years back, I convinced my dad to buy me a certain rack pack because I had such a good feeling about it containing an autograph. I had shaken the pack pretty unknowingly and heard a noise that gave me the aforementioned hunch. I purchased it and ripped in and, lo and behold, the shaking noise came from the framed mini auto shaking around the frame.

At the time, Scherzer was a flamethrower with huge upside that also came with HUGE control problems. He was not the surefire Cy Young winner that we've seen him develop into this year. To be honest, I hadn't even heard of him at the time of me pulling this. I've always held onto this card though. Sure enough, this year he went 13-0 before being dealt his first loss. He'd finish the year 21-3, 2.90 ERA, 240 SO (stats c/o At this point, I'm not sure what I'll do with the card. I may hang on to it, I may very well sell it on ebay after he wins the Cy Young. However, I'd also be open to trading it for the right offer. If anyone's interested, comment below!

2005 Leaf Certified Materials David Ortiz GUJ #68/250
I think it's safe to say we all say Big Papi's game-tying grand slam last night, whether live or as a highlight. Our reactions might have all varied; my personal  reaction was jumping up and down screaming in pure excitement over how the most clutch hitter in postseason history had struck again, and at the biggest possible moment. David Ortiz's postseason resume speaks for itself. If you need further convincing, go and read Bleacher Report's piece on why he is worthy of consideration as the best postseason player ever. And watch the video of his grand slam while you read it. I saw it live on TV, and I still get the same reaction each time: goosebumps.

2008 Topps Heritage Pablo Sandoval RC
Now, I realize the Giants are not in the postseason this year. But as the defending World Series champions, they do deserve some recognition. He put together one of the more memorable postseason performances last season when in Game One of the 2012 World Series he launched THREE Home Runs. Unbelieveable.


  1. Oh, I'm interested in the Scherzer auto. I do have that Chicle Pedroia card you need. And some Youk GUs and some other neat Sox stuff. I'd be happy to send a bunch for this.

    1. I'll let it go for the right offer, potentially! I'm not the one who collects Youk, unfortunately. That's 20youksox. I will gladly take a look at other Sox stuff, especially pedroia

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  3. OK, sir. I'd love to make you an offer. But I'm having trouble finding your email address. Here's mine dustinhoff86 at gmail dot com.

    1. Alrighty. Shoot me an email whenever you would like.