Sunday, September 18, 2011

A "Marquee" Pickup

As many of you know, 2011 Topps Marquee was released earlier this week, and has been getting mixed reviews. It seems like a really high risk product because you either end up with $20 worth of cards, or $1000 worth of cards. Some of the nicer hits include the nasty patch and jumbo patch cards, as well as the museum collection autographs. The museum collection autographs are framed in a gold colored metal and numbered to ten. They are very thick and heavy, but are some of the nicest looking autographs of all time (of corse Youk didn't get one). They are selling for incredibly high amounts, but are actually expected to grow in value. Anyways, I have picked up two cards from the product so far, and here is one of them. I will show off the other when I get in in the mail later this week. It appears to be a really nice card with three white jersey swatches, and one two color patch. Enjoy...


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