Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 American League Predictions

Hey, everyone.
It's now 19 Hours and counting until opening day, and I'm as ecstatic as ever. Here are my predictions for the upcoming season. We'll see my prediction ability (or lack there of) come October. Without further haste, here they are, with reasons supporting the method to my madness! (

American League
East: Boston Red Sox 101-61
Why? The reloaded Red Sox have bolstered their bullpen and acquired slugging 1B Adrian Gonzalez and speedy outfielder Carl Crawford. This year, there should be a great output from both pitching and offense.

Central: Minnesota Twins 92-70
Why? The Twins always seem to find a way to emerge at the top of the AL Central, with Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau leading the way. But, the later of the two is the key. If Morneau can return from his concussion to his 30-and-100 ways, the Twins should be just fine.

West: Texas 89-71
Why? Texas is the reigning AL Champions, and, although it is extremely unlikely it will happen this year, they know what it's like and they'll just want it again. However, with the loss of ace Cliff Lee to the Phillies, it will be a tough year.

ALCS: Boston over New York

World Series: Boston over Philadelphia

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