Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Bat Around: Fixing 2011 Topps Baseball

As many of you know, Stale Gum put out a challenge to blogger:

Michael Eisner has just fired the entire Topps Product Development staff and chose to hire you to take their place. Mr. Eisner has given you carte blanche to do whatever you want with Topps Baseball -- as long as you keep it under $2/pack.

If you were in charge of Topps, and based upon what you've seen of 2011 Topps Baseball Series One, what (if anything) would you have done differently?

Post your response to respective blogs, or if you don't have one, in the comments below.

Here is my response...
Take all of the leather glove plate and put serial numbers on them. Even after they are numbered, they need to be "extra's", not a "relic". Take out the history of Topps insert set, because nobody cares about the history of Topps. Patch cards would be inserted 1 per case. There would be 1 SP in every box, which could include retired legend variations, sprkle variations, or the Crawford/ Gonzalez SP's. The autograph checklist would be much stronger and wouldn't include all of the no-names. Topps needs to fix the printing errors in the 60th aniversairy insert set. I also beleive topps needs to get rid of some of the insert sets. It is getting to a point where there are more inserts than base cards in the pack, which some people might like, but it must be a nightmare for people trying to complete the base set. That is the end of my rant!

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