Friday, December 17, 2010

Buyers Beware

Hey guys. I would just like to warn you about all of the fake cards on the internet. You really need to be carefull, especially around this time of year. You also need to know that there are some fakes that have been encapsulated as authentic by grading companies, however these cases are fake as well. Here is an example.

Here are some tips to spotting fakes based on the example that can apply to other cards.
1. As you can see, there is a penny sleve inside of the case.
2. The autograph window is not cut strait.
3. There is no COA on the back.
4. There is no serial number.
5. This card is not on the checklist.
5. There were no mini cut auto's in this product.
6. Half of the autograph is missing.
7. It does not look like other cut auto's in this product.
So beware and don't be tricked.

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