Sunday, November 28, 2010

Introducing 2011 TPP Cards!

Yes! After days of planning, sketching, and digitalizing, 2011 TPP (The Pack Prodigy) cards are here! There will even be packs of cards that feature original TPP cards on card stock (5 per pack). There will also be an insert set called "Leaders of the Diamond" that feature 2 of the top players on each team on a horizontal card.The image quality will be better than this preview, mainly because I had to scale the picture. Also, there will be a set of Top Rookies. The RC logo has not been chosen yet, so I will set up a poll soon with several designs and you can vote on your favorite! So, here's a final rundown.

Base Set: 65 Players
50 veterans, 15 Top Rookies
Inserts: 30 Leaders of the Diamond cards
15 Monumental Milestone cards highlighting major milestones of the 2010
Relics: Possibly Available at a later time.

Packs: 5 cards per pack (virtual or in-hand)

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