Saturday, October 2, 2010

2010 Topps Football Rack Pack

Hey, everyone. Well, yesterday at Target, I was looking through the 2010 Topps Rack Packs (continuing my quest for a Rob Gronkowski RC), and realized there's always a rookie card on the back of each stack of cards that you could see. So, I searched until I found one that had a Gronkowski (Patriots rookie TE) RC, I bought it, and even got a CJ Spiller RC, a Dez Bryant RC, a Colt McCoy RC, and a Gridiron Giveaway card which I redeemed and unlocked a card from 1969 that I'll post later. Pretty sweet!
I'll probably post the scans later if I'm not feeling too lazy.

In other news, Beckett did a bust of 2010 Topps Chrome yesterday, and posted some pics, so check it out!

Keep Breakin'

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